AJ Panela Company

We are a family business that was born by chance, one winter day in 2020 we were looking at some fun things on the internet and drinking our Panela Juice with lemon (In Venezuela we drink almost every day, being a very refreshing drink and Venezuela is such a hot country all year) we saw an advertisement for a drink very similar to ours. That day we thought that maybe in this country, Holland, could like it as much as we do.

We started preparing our Panela Juice and giving it to all the people we know and it had an unexpected succes and that's how we decided to create AJ Panela Company.

We started from ZERO and with very little money, we invested all the little that we had been able to save in this idea, adapting to what we had and buying just enough to start. And now HERE WE ARE offering our beloved products derived from Panela with all the benefits it brings to our body. Hoping that everyone who tries our products will like it as much as we do.